Monday, March 11, 2013

GM Practices 2: Getting them there on time

I used to have problems getting my players to the game on time. They'd stop for snacks or something and be three, ten, fifteen minutes late. I prefer to have everyone there on time so no one is waiting on anyone else.

So to encourage punctuality, I started offering a chit good for one re-roll once during the game, usable in that session only. It's like a lesser version of luck. It's not much, but the players really enjoy it, so it gets players into seats on time.

I could just tally whether each player has used their re-roll or not during a session, but I find that giving them phyical chits helps them keep the option in mind better. For chits, I use pentagonal pieces from a Jovo construction toy set, which is a cool thing in its own way.


  1. My wife bakes a cake every game night. This is pretty effective as well!

  2. You're a lucky group! My wife is one of my players, and she makes snacks for the game sometimes, but not cake. At least, not so far.

  3. We do ours by computer (Roll29) and start with a chit-chat session an hour early. That tends to get everyone one time there early because for us, it is really about the social aspect, too.