Monday, February 18, 2013

Map of Lodea

Here's where my GURPS fantasy campaign takes place. My cartography is not the best, but having a map is better than not having a map.

Lodea is situated just west of an isthmus that connects two continents. To the east is Hevria, the multinational civilization of which Lodea is a part. To the west is the Gondan Empire, an aggressive, expansionist empire that has invaded Lodea and is trying to incorporate it as a province. To the south, across the sea, is Turria, an arid land divided amongst many feuding tribes.

To the north is the Bekel, a mountainous area that was once home to dwarven kingdoms, until orcs and dragons invaded and drove the dwarves out. That's where the Circus Sophia is right now.

Yeah, my mountains kind of look like Hershey's Kisses, don't they? My next map will be better.

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  1. Don't speak ill of your cartography. Your mountains look far less like Hershey Kisses than my inverted Vs do.