Thursday, February 7, 2013

Random Golem Table

Really, this table is just an excuse to make up some variations on your basic golem. There is a particular Gygaxian pleasure in saying "okay, if this thing exists, then it must exist in all of these variants, each having its own special traits, because one type of anything is never enough."

The golems are all based on the stone golem statted in Dungeon Fantasy 3, p. 26.

Random Golem Table

Roll 1d.

1 Clay Golem
2 Stone Golem
3 Brass Golem
4 Bronze Golem
5 Iron Golem
6 Lava Golem

Clay golem. As stone golem, except ST 18, HP 25, DR 0, punch (12): 1d+2 crushing, maul (12): 3d+6 crusing, or two-handed sword (12): 3d+4 cutting. These golems are formed of soft and yielding clay, and weapons are likely to get stuck in them. Treat any successful cutting, piercing, or impaling melee weapon attack as if the weapon were a pick, requiring an ST roll and a ready maneuver to pull free. See Picks, B405.

Brass Golem. As stone golem, except ST 22, HP 32, punch (12): 2d crushing, maul (12): 4d+6 crushing, or two-handed sword (12): 4d+4 cutting. Brass golems are electrically charged. In combat, anyone who touches a brass golem or strikes it with a metal melee weapon takes 1d burning damage from the electricity, unless somehow insulated (with leather gloves, for instance). Anyone who grapples with a brass golem takes the damage and must also roll vs. HT or fall unconscious.

Bronze Golem. As stone golem, except ST 23, HP 35, DR 5, punch (13): 2d+1 crushing, maul (13) 4d+7 crushing, or two-handed sword (13): 4d+5 cutting. Bronze golems are tuned to ring like a bell when struck. Anyone within 1 hex of a brass golem struck by a crushing or cutting weapon takes 1d crushing explosive damage from reverberations, and if in close combat, must make an HT roll to avoid stunning.

Iron Golem. As stone golem, except ST 25, HP 40, DR 8, punch (14): 2d+2 crushing, maul (14): 5d+5 crushing, or two-handed sword (14): 5d+1 cutting.

Lava Golem. As stone golem, except ST 24, HP 30, FP 20, DR 3, DR (fire/heat only) 50, punch (12): 2d+1 crushing +1d burning, maul (12): 4d+8 crushing, or two-handed sword (12): 4d+2 cutting. Lava golems are formed of a mass of molten rock with a barely solidified crust. They radiate intense heat, causing 1d of fire damage at 2 yards, 3d at 1 yard, and 4d in close combat. Anyone foolish enough to grapple a lava golem takes 5d fire damage per turn, and the golem will attempt to grapple an opponent if it misses three melee attacks in a row. Any crushing or cutting attack that penetrates DR splashes the golem's molten innards around, striking anyone withing 1 yard on a 9 or less for 1d fire damage.

Unlike other golems, lava golems have Fatigue Points. Its FP is only depleted by cold damage, from which it loses an amount of FP equal to the HP loss. Until it is destroyed, it regains this FP at the normal rate for living creatures.

Stone Golem: see Dungeon Fantasy 2, p. 26.

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