Friday, February 15, 2013

Optional rules in Basic Set

On the GURPS forums recently, Refplace started a thread on which optional rules are suitable for which genres of play. The discussion, unfortunately, did not get very far, but it made me think about listing which optional rules I use.

To do this, I thought I'd better figure out what the optional rules are, to begin with, so I flipped through Characters and Campaigns and listed all the rules that are labeled optional, or that include language like "the GM may wish to allow..." or "the GM may wish to prohibit...."I was a little surprised at how many there are. I was also surprised to find out what's on the list -- techniques as a whole, for instance, are explicitly optional. I never knew that before.

So here is the list. Rules I use in my campaign are in bold. Rules I don't use are struck through. Rules that don't even apply to my campaign (TL3 fantasy) are in small text. Rules that I probably would allow, but I've never thought much about it because it's never come up, are in italics.

Limitations on Status unless accompanied by Wealth or Rank in classless societies, B28
Potential advantages, B33
Exotic and Supernatural traits, B34
Alternative Attacks for Strikers, B61
Custom Talents, B91
Modifiers, B101
Limited Enhancements, B111
Buying off leveled disadvantages one level at a time, B121
Wildcard skills, B175
Techniques, B229
Omitting racial traits, B262
Modifying Dice + Adds, B269
Malfunction for firearms and grenades, B279, B407
Maintaining skills, B294
Influencing Success Rolls, B347
More detailed jumping rules, B352
Extra Effort in combat, B357
Fast damage resolution for multiple hits, B379
Tactical combat, B384
Changing posture in armor, B395
Bulletproof nudity, B417
Cannon fodder, B417
Cinematic explosions, B417
Cinematic knockback, B417
Flesh wounds, B417
Infinite ammunition, B417
Melee etiquette, B417
TV action violence, B417

Dual-Weapon Attack, B417
Bleeding, B420
Accumulated wounds, B420

Last wounds, B420
Starvation and Dehydration, B426
Losing advantages or gaining disadvantages through aging, B444
Player-created races, B451
New inventions, B473
Funding for inventions, B474

Detailed HP calculation, B483
Damage to shields, B484
Time use sheets, B499
Shared campaigns, B504

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