Monday, February 11, 2013

My combat crib sheet

Folks over on the G+ GURPS community are talking about combat cheat sheets. If you haven't seen ONKL's Combat Maneuvers Cheat Sheet, it's an extremely useful resource.

But ONKL's sheet has firearms rules on it, which I don't need for my fantasy campaign, and the type is very small, which would be a problem for some. So using ONKLs sheet as a basis (okay, okay, blatantly ripping off ONKL's work) I made my own version. I cut out the hit location effects, the weapon stats explanations, and everything to do with firearms.

Here is the result, in pdf format and in Microsoft Word format, in case you want to edit it yourself. The sheet includes:

Combat maneuvers
Attack options
Active defenses
Defense options
Damage types
Size and speed/range table
Hit locations
Critical hit table
Critical miss table
Posture effects table

I hope the links work properly. I tried using Google Drive, but no matter what I did, I couldn't get it to share the files without requiring a login.


  1. Looks sharp! I would probably miss the hit location descriptions, as rudimentary as they are, but for a fantasy game this is a nice variation.

  2. Chris, I've been using a variant of this sheet - thanks for providing the .doc file for it.

    One question, where is the +2 to resist spells from All-Out Defense (Mental Defense) coming from? The sheet says:

    "+2 to all resistance rolls against magic, psi, and anything similar. Bonus persists until next turn."

    GURPS Psionic Powers says "You add +2 to any rolls to resist
    psionic or similar mental attacks" and doesn't call out spells specifically. Is there a source for the bonus also applying to spells that I'm missing?

    1. I hate to pass the buck, but this falls under "blantalnly ripping off Onkl's work," as noted above. I don't own Psionic Powers, so I just used his wording.

      I'm glad you're adapting the .doc to your own use. That's what I made it for.

  3. I can't seem to get your download links to work. If you still have this, would you mind reposting it?